Residential Property Management Services

Our Property Management Specialists are here to assist you in maximizing your rental income and minimizing your concerns by:

  • by providing you with a free rental assessment of your property.
  • advertising your rental, at no extra cost to you, in the most effective way possible through the local paper and the internet.
  • arranging meetings with all prospective tenants by one of our licensed managers at the rental property for a viewing.
  • doing thorough credit and reference checks on all prospective tenants.
  • completing all the necessary paperwork involved in writing and signing of the Residential Tenancy Agreement and doing a complete move-in report with the tenants.
  • collecting the applicable deposits and the rents as they are due and processing them through an audited trust account.
  • conducting regular house and property inspections as required.
  • having all Tenant calls, concerns, complaints and repair requests directed to our Property Managers.
  • being on call 24/7 in case of emergency.
  • by having trades people such as plumber, electricians and carpenters on hand who will immediately assist us should any emergencies arise.
  • depositing net rent into your account in a timely manner.
  • sending out monthly and annual statements for bookkeeping and accounting purposes.
  • remitting Non-Resident Tax and completing NR4’s on behalf of non-resident owners.
  • overseeing property maintenance and service calls as needed.